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ADA- KESS: measuring the consumption in compressor rooms


Economy and energy!!

Air Demand Analysis and Kaeser Energy Saving System, these are the meanings of the two acronyms ADA and KESS. These are two technology tools patented by Kaeser and used by the technicians of CiAGi Compressori. They are aimed at optimizing the supply of compressed air, reducing the costs of production / assistance and making it more reliable and efficient.

The process is divided into two main phases:

  1. 1. the analysis carried out with ADA defines the exact air demand
  2. 2. the system of evaluation of the energy savings Kaeser (KESS) provides tailored solutions and maximum efficiency

The measurement and assessment processes are carried out according to the requirements of ISO 11011, established standards to allow comparability between energy audits and to increase the efficiency of compressed air systems.



   The way for an efficient compressed air station   



Analysis of air requirements


Kaeser system for energy saving


Customized solution based on the user’s needs

Energy costs reduction


ada-kess-02 Individual solutions, maximum efficiency

The skilled staff of CiAGi Compressori offers personalized advice to define the compressed air requirements both of an industrial and artisan company, working on the analysis and the subsequent planning. Thereby they are able to reduce energy costs while safeguarding the environment.

We want to transfer to our customers our experience in the management of pneumatic systems, allowing them to dramatically reduce the cost impact of all compressed air installations on the company's balance sheet.

We work both on new compressed air stations and on systems already installed. 

The intervention of CiAGi Compressori step by step

Once defined the air requirements and the operating conditions, we proceed to the actual design: level of pressure required, flow rates, air quality, power consumption and performance; all the parameters of the new air supply system converge in the design of the compressors station.

The combination of our engineers' expertise with their perfect knowledge of Kaeser compressors allows them to adjust the compressed air system according to individual needs.

That's how.

  1. Analysis of the correspondence between demand and real consumption of compressed air thanks to ADA.
  2. Control of the actual power absorbed by the operating systems, so that they can design a compressed air station with an optimized energy profile.
  3. Comparison between the actual absorbed power and the compressed air flow to assess accurately the energy efficiency of the compressors used.
  4. Data processing to identify the optimal energy saving solution: the KESS system selects the most efficient combination of proposals.
  5. Calculation of energy savings achievable with the aid of the proposed solutions.
  6. Evaluation of the aspects related to operational safety and production, very important for all technicians of Ciagi Compressori to provide a high-quality service.
  7. CAD design, to realistically simulate the future compressed air system and allow the customer to see it before the work starts.