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Units for the management of the compressors/ remote assistance

In the range of products KAESER a complete line of electronic controllers are able to better manage the industrial compressor and so to promote energy savings:



SIGMA CONTROL manages and monitors the compressor in a fully automatic way. The basis of this management system is formed by a rugged industrial computer with real-time operating system and update capability. The status monitoring is simple and intuitive thanks to the LED light functions. The four-line display with full text display and the soft keys fitted with pictograms ensure its quick and easy usability.

In case of failure, the compressor is immediately turned off by a safety device with cross-checks. The selection of the cheapest type of control can be set locally and the degree of utilization can be displayed ; the controller boasts of standard interfaces for the connection of a modem, a second compressor in sequence and the connection to data networks.





The SIGMA AIR MANAGER is the first master controller in the world for air systems that encloses and fully exploits the advantages of modern industrial computer and the Internet technology.

By controlling bandwidth pressure, commensurate with the requirements of air, the SIGMA AIR MANAGER combines in an exclusive way the sophisticated and "money saving" management system with a complete presentation and display of the operational data.
A further cost reduction is determined by the advantages offered by the remote assistance and the possible links to the Internet.


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Sigma Air Manager

Using the remote management we guarantee our customers a compressed air production without interruption: this combination of remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance and/or upon request, make a decisive increase of the safety margin in the management of the systems.

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