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The experience of CiaGi Compressori meets that of Claind, for thirty years active in the sectors of the hydrogen gas, nitrogen and zero air.

With this partnership, CiaGi Compressori joins the European leader in the industry, and makes available to customers its exclusive patents, enhanced by expert advice and the work of our technicians.

The Claind nitrogen generators are realized depending on their purpose and function. For this reason, the range is divided into machines specifically designed to solve the needs of the food & beverage (food nitrogen E941), chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemical and others industries.

The most popular applications of nitrogen generators involve food packaging and liquids preservation, laser cutting and laser-guided, as well as the heat treatment in general.


The only expenses of Claind nitrogen generators are air and electrical energy related to its operation, contrary to contingencies related to the regular supply sources.
Yield and quality of gas are therefore the best, without the need for an external buffer.

Regarding the food industry, in particular, Claind has implemented the PSA technology with the exclusive international patent FAST PURITY®, obtaining an even more pure nitrogen. Thanks to it, the consumption decreases and the useful life of the machinery lasts longer.

The CiaGi experts are available to advise clients on the optimal size of the systems, so as to put together the need of a continuous service with the lowest waste. According to the agreements, our technicians will take care of all repair and maintenance operations required.

All proposed solutions are built in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards and procedures and in accordance with current regulations (EC included with the PED, UL, ASME).