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Rental and maintenance of compressed air systems

assistenza tecnica sistemi aria compressaCi.A.Gi. compressors is able to perform scheduled maintenance of all installed machines, and also of those provided by third parties. Depending on the product, we offer inspects and repairs necessary for the functioning, ensuring:

  • Checking and recording of the functional and safety-relevant components
  • Guarantee of the operational safety, as well as the high efficiency and low cost of the compressed air system throughout the whole operating cycle
  • Complete documentation of the assistance service in compliance with the rules on the prevention of accidents
  • Planned and agreed maintenance


manutenzione sistemi aria compressaThe individual flat rate includes:

  • all consumable and maintenance materials as well as their environmental disposal
  • all parts subjected to periodic replacement (eg, service kit, belts, clutches, motor bearings, hoses)
  • all the spare parts needed for the functioning (eg Sigma block, engine, radiator)
  • labor time, travel and accommodation costs

Our workshop is fully equipped to carry out a complete revision of the machines (replacement screw group, bearings, etc.) provided by the head office within the 20.000/33.000 operating hours of the machine.

Ci.A.Gi. compressors is also able to rent or borrow a wide range of machines from 7 to 160 kW, -also coupled- up to a total of 320 kW.