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Planning and Management

Ci.A.Gi. Compressors offers its customers a highly specialized and equipped technical support to perform a proper sizing of the compressor rooms and we provide our technicians at the customer's plant to operate an accurate measurement of the actual air consumption in relation to energy consumption.

In this way we can always offer an advantageous solution from the point of view both of production and consumption.

The experience gained in the industry allows us to design customized systems, optimized for the necessary air flow. No wastes then, and this allows a real and measurable saving in terms of exercise:

And this is just our added value!

sistemi di produzione dell'aria compressa

Production of compressed air is now essential for any manufacturing plant in any area, and we offer:

progettazione impianti


  • Sizing compressor room Measurement
  • air consumption
  • realization of technical projects of compressor room

certificazione della qualità

Quality certifications

  • Declarations of Conformity
  • Drafting documentation for CE
  • Drafting documentation for ISPESL

vendita di sistemi per l'aria compressa


  • compressors for the production of air
  • Dryers, and elements for processing (ISO 8573-1/2)
  • tanks and systems for the distribution
  • Sam (Sigma Air Manager) for the management and remote assistance

gestione di sistemi per l'aria compressa


  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • complete repair and overhaul
  • forklifts rental
  • remote assistance