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The future of the tanks: galvanization

serbatoi zincati

Ci.a.Gi Compressori, with the aim to propose to its costumers the best products available on the market, is directing its preferences to the galvanized tanks, instead of the more classical painted ones.

Nowadays, the most popular tanks on the market are the painted ones. On the one hand, they are a little cheaper, but on the other hand, they offer a lower quality and they are even less durable. That is because the painting can be made only on the external part of the tank. This involves that, unavoidably, the interior of the tank will be oxidized. The oxidation causes both the dirty of the compressed air and a progressive deterioration of the tank.

These drawbacks can be excellently avoided thanks to the technique of the galvanization. The advantages of the galvanization are actually numerous and considerable, as well as lasting in time.

The galvanized tank is casted into a liquid zinc bath. In this way, it is possible to galvanize the tank not only externally, but even internally. Thanks to this innovative technique, the machinery will be able to offer a much better quality of the air and it will be preserved by the usury of time.

In line with its business principles, Ci.A.Gi. Compressori drives its preferences to the galvanized tanks just because they offer to the costumers not only a better quality, but even a greater durability on the long period.