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Kaeser filter: cost-effective solutions for optimal compressed air quality

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With over twenty years of experience, we definitely know that every work we are called to perform has its own specifities, as well as every company and every costumer have a wide range of needs. We daily listen to our costumers requests in order to advise the best solutions and provide the best possible services. During design and installation process, is essential to define not just which compressor to install, but even which is the best filter for the specific situation.

KAESER FILTER products are the key components for producing compressed air to all purity classes as required by the regulations. All with exceptionally low differential pressure. Moreover, their service-friendly design not only allows simple, error-free opening and osing of the filter housing, but also enables quick and clean element changes.

The KAESER FILTER range uses modern deep-pleated filter media to remove particles and aerosols. A highly effective carbon fibre mat traps oil vapours

KAESER FILTER products feature generously dimensioned housings and filter surfaces, innovative flow dynamics and high-performance filter media. They feature up to 50% lower pressure loss than other available filters – a value which remains virtually constant over the entire service life of the filter element. This means lower costs and CO2 emissions as well as reduced load on upstream compressors.

KAESER FILTER products feature a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing and a stable filter element. The practical bayonet lock ensures automatic positioning of the housing and element seals, which prevents the filter housing from being sealed unless a filter element has been inserted. A locking screw prevents unintentional opening of the housing when under pressure and also provides housing venting.

KAESER, our partner from several years and leader in the market, is willing to offer to the costumer a state-of-the-art product , secure and reliable. Moreover, KAESER is always looking to improve even the design of the machinery in order to develop a service-friendly product. For these reasons we of CIAGI are absolutely sure to advise and give to our costumers the products which are, undoubtedly , one of the best, if not the best, available on the market.