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Article on Sole 24 ore in February 2009

CAG Castellan and CI.A.GI. compressors, products and services with that extra oomph.


Point of reference in the Northeast for compressed air and maintenance, CAG Castellan and CI.A.GI. are two industrial enterprises included within the same workspace, guided by the same professional profile and collaborating between them, to ensure the customer a complete and better performance.

We are inTrichiana in the province of Belluno and Antonio Castellan, owner of both companies, says that although small enterprises, they have behind a previous experience of nearly twenty-five years spent looking with interest at the innovations offered by technology.
Today, the two companies represent one of the favourite landmarks in the Northeast in the field of compressed air and maintenance of machinery.

To understand the evolution of the two companies is necessary to start from the older one, CAG Castellan, present in Trichiana since 1985. CAG is mainly involved in maintenance and machining, with traditional and CNC machine tools. It's a modern machines revision center, where you can also request customized modifications or designed by the technical office. Not infrequently, the engineers produce CAG limited edition machines or prototypes to meet specific automation needs in the eye-wear industry (covering the 50% of services), hydraulics and pneumatics in general.
The company is also an appropriate certification center of machinery accident prevention in particular for obsolete and dated machines.

2009 started in CAG with the push to expand its range, choice due in part to the economic downturn present in all work areas. To keep the same excellent results of the past years we have taken steps to satisfy requests from central and southern Italy - says Castellan – while abroad we are present since several years.

The birth of CI.A.GI. compressors is a more recent event, in fact it was created in 2006 as a natural evolution process of CAG, due to the growing interest in the compressed air sector, today's flagship in the headquarters in Trichiana. One of the highlights is definitely the ten-year connection with Kaeser, a market leader in compressors, which chose CI.A.GI. as a representative of the brand throughout the province of Belluno.

In our office we do not deal only with sales - says the CEO Gianfranco Castellan – but we offer consulting and design services that are born and which grow together with the customer. In this sense it can be said that a compressor is like a customized dress created and tailored for the customer, according to a specific requirement.
Also because we must not underestimate the high energy consumption of appliances: that's why CI.A.GI. offers not only compressors but entire systems that can save energy and therefore that can be amortized over a short time. A careful machine efficiency, quantifiable in the relationship between the energy demand and the amount of air produced by the same, CI.A.GI. compressors provides its customers with a highly specialized technical support, also equipped to perform a proper sizing of the compressor rooms.

That's why a technical staff is available to perform at the customer's plant a correct and precise measurement of the actual consumption of compressed air in relation to the energy consumption, to always offer an advantageous solution from the point of view both of the production and consumption as well.
However, the relationship with the client does not end with the advice and sale of the product: great importance is also given to the after sales service, able to follow the customer in the routine maintenance and thus ensure a high performance product.

For this reason, since 2007 CI.A.GI. has set up a remote assistance system, which is available on request during standard business hours or within 24 hours.

Article 04/02/09

Articolo sole 24 ore di febbraio 2009