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CiAGi: first KAESER point in italy as SAM installation

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2017 confirms the positive trend. 

More than 10 years have passed since KAESER launched on the market the first model of SAM.  From then, our company has always been among the first companies in Italy by number of SAM installed. 2017, with almost 20 installations in several regions, from northern to southern Italy, confirms the positive trend of these last years. We are third on the charts for the current year and we are still the first as total number of SAM installed during the years. We are very fulfilled for the goal achieved, and even more we are proud of a product like SAM in which we have believed from the beginning and that is proving to be very valid.

As we often explain to our costumes, SAM is versatile and fits good both for small compressor room of 11 kw, as for the big ones of 600kw. A good management of the air is convenient whater the dimensions. We are able to insall SAM on a new compressor room but even on an old one. In both cases, we immediately achieve savings around the 20% and a considerable cut on the maintenance costs on the long period. Installing a SAM, the traditional system of preventive maintenance become outdated. Now the interventions of technicians are programmed according to the real needs of the costumer and not based on estimates as was usual before the introduction of this modern management system. The remote control allows to be ideally always beside our costumer, tracking in real time the efficiency of compressor room, checking consumption and predicting, thanks to our ten years’ experience, which could be the new needs of each. Moreover, thanks to SAM in possible to send to the costumer, at predetermined intervals, a detailed reporting on the operation of machines.  In this way, we can always have clear on mind which is the effective performance of our compressor room.

As a company, we deeply believe on the new possibilities that SAM offers. This new technology allows to monitor costumers so accurately and smartly that was unthinkable until a few years ago. Our commitment, is daily repaid from satisfied customers. For these reasons, the accurate and punctual monitoring service that we provide to the costumer do not present any additional cost but is an integral part of the ongoing support that we offer at those who decide to install a SAM.