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Compressed air: how to get best quality and maximum efficiency

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When we design a new compressor room, our main goal is to meet costumer’s satisfaction. It is essential to guarantee the installation of a compressor room that has to be suitable to the present case and at the same time it has to ensure the production of high quality compressed air with the lower possible energy expenditure. The factors determining the success of a compressor project are 3: production, distribution and utilization of the compressed air.


A well-designed compressor room has to guarantee a high efficiency, which we achieve thanks to the use of suitable machinery. It has to provide quality air, parameters that are certified by ISO 8563-1, certification that determines the cleaning of air. Moreover, it is primary to define for what purposes the compressed air will be used. Another important aspect is to provide low maintenance costs and, of course, the system safety.


Realizing a compressor room following the existing legislation and using efficient machinery, it is possible to guarantee low maintenance costs. Paying attention to the distribution system we will be able to guarantee the air transit at the lowest possible cost and minimized load losses. Moreover, it will be easy at any time to modify the compressor room in case of new production requirements and even the distribution system will be efficient, easily editable and well reproduced with a dedicated layout, as well as certified. 


It is central to consider, while designing a new compressor room, how the compressed air will be used. Establish where it is necessary to provide the compressed air and define the minimum necessary pressure to fulfil its purpose, by optimizing consumption choosing carefully the instruments to be used (pressure reducing, filters, high efficiency nozzles).

These are the key points around which CIAGI designs and realizes all the compressor rooms, getting excellent results in terms of quality and efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.