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The collector in compressor rooms: the importance of a correct sizing

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 In compressor rooms of all sizes, there is a topic sometimes not sufficiently considered by the end user and also by the designers in general but very important for the proper functioning of a compressed air station: the collector.


The collector has many tasks:

  • To ensure the proper flow out of the compressed gas
  • To have the least possible resistance to the compressed gas passage
  • Do not alter the desired quality (ISO 8573-1) of the compressed gas with rust or residuals
  • To be practical, orderly, solid and easy to use in the event of operations and handlings (eg. by-pass openings)
  • To have a linear installation process
  • To be certifiable in its declared performance

Very often we are concerned to purchase or sell compressed air systems consist of increasingly efficient machinery but we forget how important is to transfer these performances from the compressor room to the machines, in order to use them to the fullest and keep the energy advantages acquired.


The correct sizing of the collector allows the compressed air to flow from the compressors (air generators) to the ring distribution, passing through the various treatment devices. It allows considerable energy savings:

  • Improvement of the machines working parameters (compressors, dryers and filters)
  • Greater constancy in the pressure and velocity of the fluid
  • Better treatment results and therefore better quality of compressed air
  • Increase in the life of the compressor system - dryers – filters
  • Orderly arrangement and ease of intervention
  • System security
  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Possibility to provide monitoring and alarm points (fixed or installed occasionally) on demand (4.0 industry).
  • To properly design a collector means to take care since the beginning of the transition of the compressed air to the distribution ring using the least amount of energy possible.

In fact, using the correct calculation software (CiAGi Compressori uses Teseo Software), you can consider not only the exact number of components such as bends, tees and joints, but choose also from the start how the collector will affect the DELTA P pressure from the compressor airflow at the beginning of the ring, and thus the incidence of the cost of compressed air on the energy bill.

The purpose is to deliver the compressed air from the room to the machines at the lowest cost. To keep this factor into consideration only in relation to higher initial costs would be wrong: on the contrary, very important are the significantly lower management costs.

The design of the collector will give certain values, which translated into work will allow to best exploit the efficiency of the equipment purchased. In fact, a good design of the collector means saving energy costs right from the first run of the compressor room and it is one of the investments that amortize expenses in a very short time.

Teseo Air

For years, CiAGi Compressori is committed to give its customers compressor rooms in which the collector is an active part of the system and it is an ally in obtaining more air with less energy!!

The choice to be a partner of TESEO AIR allows us to:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Design in an analytical and verifiable way all energy savings
  • Offer 20 years-guaranteed components
  • Demonstrate the realization of what designed
  • Invest in dynamic, professional solutions, focused on the total customer’s satisfaction
  • Be a qualified and professional partner for our customers
  • Deliver orderly, efficient and high-performance compressor rooms
  • Arrive at the customer’s plant ready for the installation of efficient machines that will work efficiently