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Claind Nitrogen Generators: use, utility, convenience

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CiAGi Compressors becomes a partner of Claind, European leader of nitrogen gas, hydrogen and zero air.

The thirty-year experience of the CiAGi technicians therefore meets with the exclusive Claind’s patents, which has developed a range of nitrogen generators specifically designed to solve the needs of the food & beverage (food nitrogen E941), chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, petrochemical, and other industries.

The industrial sectors that most often make use of the nitrogen used to package food, store liquids, or for laser cutting and laser-guided applications.


Nitrogen is available on the market in cylinders or in liquid form but it can be self-produced!

This is ensured by nitrogen generators, enabling companies to keep low costs and the ecological impact resulting from supplies and transportation of this raw material.

The only costs are those related to air and electricity, but this option excludes any unforeseen arising from external supply sources, so all possible complications related to reorders and controls.

The installation and maintenance of generators is carried out by the technicians of CiAGi!


FAST Purity®, affording a degree of purity above-average. Thanks to it, moreover, consumption is reduced and the useful life of the machinery increases.

On the front of food packaging, the food nitrogen generators Flo, Pico and Maxi maintain the freshness of food, increasing its shelf life and keeping unchanged the organoleptic properties.

Wine, soft drinks and other liquid food, instead found in the nitrogen generator Tivano a valuable ally. The gas is used in the storage tanks, during the bottling and in general used at all stages in which the liquid is moved in order to evacuate the dissolved oxygen.

Our CiAGi Compressori’s experts are always available to recommend the best solution for companies in the food sector.



If combined with the laser technology, the nitrogen has a dual use.

The gas can firstly be used to assist the cutting, for which Claind has created Laser Cut, a high purity nitrogen generator, able to reach a power equal to 300 bar. Thanks to it is possible to adjust properly the nozzle nitrogen pressure, even during the cutting of high thickness. Laser Cut is also capable of supplying more cutting machines simultaneously.

The other use of nitrogen relates to the pressurization of the laser beam guide. For this purpose, Claind has created Laser Guide, which provides the ultra-pure nitrogen needed to execute cuts without imperfections, removing the molten metal from the work area without introducing elements that can chemically interact with the machined parts.

To KNOW MORE about the Claind nitrogen generators or CONTACT US to expose your needs.