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The use of the compressed air

18utilizzo aria compressaa

The last step in designing and construction of a compressed air system is to evaluate the effective use of the generated compressed air.

First of all, it is essential to define the level of the air quality needed. This value is established by the ISO 8573/1 standard, evaluating parameters such as dust, condensation and residue of hydrocarbon in the air. The necessary level of quality for each system is defined by the use of the air, namely by the kind of machinery that needs the air.

It is also important to establish which is the minimum pressure required from the system. Talking about compressed air, to each Bar corresponds a 10% of energy: of this percentage, a 6% is constituted by the energy of the compressor and a 3-4% by the physiological loss. TO determine accurately which is the real demand of pressure of the system, allows the production of the exact necessary pressure, avoiding overproduction and useless wastes.

Moreover, is important to use adequate and quality nozzles in order to get a technical vain noiseless and more efficient. In our installations we are using SMC or FESTO nozzles and we choose, for each situation, the most appropriate model.

To interact with the customer, to design a tailor-made solution and to choose the appropriate accessories is the best way to increase efficiency and reduce consumptions, providing a durable solution. Finally, a constant monitoring of the installation performance and a periodical maintenance should be adopted, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the installation in the long-term.